Your Room

Get comfortable with your surroundings.

At Keeyask, everyone gets an individual room! Here’s the best way to make Keeyask your home away from home.


Check out all the great comforts below!

Dorms and rooms

When you check in, you will be assigned a dorm (dormitory building) number and room number.

For example, Room 731 is in dorm number 7, room 31.

At Keeyask, everyone gets an individual room, except couples who are both working at Keeyask. Couples’ rooms are in a separate dorm building.

Each time you check in for your three week shift, you will get a different room. There is storage available at Keeyask if there are things you want to leave here during your week off. Your gear will be in a locked storage room. You can have a lock on your bag if you choose.

There are male and female dorms. Males are not allowed in the female dorm building and females aren’t allowed in the male dorm building.

You enter most of the dorm buildings from the Arctic Corridor — the main hallway through Keeyask camp.

You need to scan your Keeyask ID card to get in to your dorm building and to your room. Your Keeyask ID card also gets you in to the laundry room in your dorm building. Each dorm is secure with access only provided to key cards programmed for rooms within that dorm.

In every room at Keeyask, there is:
  1. a bed
  2. sheets, blankets and a pillow
  3. storage below
  4. reading light above
  5. a TV with cable channels
  6. a desk and chair
  7. a closet with a storage box
  8. a sink with vanity space and electricity
  9. a mirror
  10. a toilet
  11. a shower with shower curtain
  12. a window with a roller blind and shades
  13. tissues and toilet paper
  14. garbage can
  15. a smoke detector and alarm — note: anyone who tampers with the smoke detector will receive a camp occurrence and may be evicted up to one year.
  1. You must bring your own towels and facecloths. Housekeeping does not provide them. Bring enough for a week. There is a laundry room you can use. Laundry soap is provided.
  2. Personal grooming items — bring shampoo, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, etc. If you forget something, you can buy it at the commissary.
  3. Hangers (these are not provided).
Other things you will probably want
  1. Your own pillow (Keeyask pillows are not for everyone).
  2. Ear plugs (in case your neighbour has the TV turned loud).
  3. Photos, books, or hobbies.
  4. Phone, tablet, computer and chargers (land line phones are available throughout the camp).
  5. Personal water bottle or travel mug (lidded cups aren’t allowed in some areas).
  6. Headphones or ear buds if you enjoy loud music, videos or TV.

This room is provided for your use while you are working at Keeyask.

You are responsible to keep it clean and in good condition.

Housekeeping services provided every three days include:

  • Clean the bathroom, the sink and the shower
  • Vacuum the floors
  • Change the sheets and pillowcases
  • Dust flat surfaces
  • Empty garbage
  • Replace toilet paper and kleenex.

Always make sure the bed, the floor, the bathroom and the sink are clear of clothing, towels, garbage, etc. so the housekeeping staff can complete their work.


Most people are relaxing or sleeping when they are in their dorm rooms. With shifts working around the clock, there are people sleeping during the day and night. Guests are not allowed in dorm rooms. There are quiet times that must be followed at site. Loud music and TVs are not welcome.

Alicia's Do's & Don'ts for Your Room
  1. DO keep your floor free of food, food containers and other garbage.
  2. DON’T leave food lying around.
  3. DO tidy up before house keeping comes so they have access to clean all surfaces.
  4. DON’T tamper with the smoke alarms.
  5. DO be kind to your neighbours.
  6. DON’T listen to your TV or music too loudly.
  7. DO thank housekeeping for doing a good job.
  8. DON’T entertain others in your room.
  9. DO get out and mingle with your co-workers.

I work way better after a good meal and a good night’s sleep. At first it was hard sleeping in a strange place but I got used it and learned a few tricks that helped.

Tip: Close the roller blinds at night and adjust the temp to a comfortable temperature. Earplugs and a pillow from home will help too!