Preparing with
your family

Being away for three weeks at a time is hard for employees and their families.

Getting organized, planning together and talking with your family are great ways to get started.


Learn more below about the things you can do to prepare.

Share phone numbers and contact information

Set up contact information (phone numbers and email addresses) for your family and friends in your phones, so you can quickly reach them and they can reach you.

If there is an emergency at home, your family can:

  1. Call you on your personal cell phone after work hours.
  2. Call Employee Retention and Support Services (ERS) at 204-778-3990.
  3. If you are a member of a partner First Nation community, your family can also contact the Keeyask Cree Nation site representative either by calling your local band administration office or the Keeyask Site Liaison office at 204-778-3910.
Mailing Packages to Keeyask

If people want to send mail or packages, the Keeyask Mailing Address is:

Your Name
Manitoba Hydro – Keeyask Project
P.O. Box 751
Thompson, Manitoba
R8N 1N5

Prepare your family for 3 weeks without you

Being away for three weeks can cause unexpected problems for family and friends.

Following are some steps you can take with your family to help them be better prepared for your absence.

  1. Banking — if your family relies on you for banking, it will be important that they have access to everyday and emergency funds.
  2. Medications and Prescriptions — If you are caring for a family member who has regular prescriptions or other health care needs, you can contact your health care professional to assist with creating a plan for when you are away at work.

  3. Planning Together —

    It is important to talk with your family about what to do if problems come up when you are not there.

    If you or your family is struggling with adjusting to you being at Keeyask, they can contact Employee Retention and Support Services. They are there to help employees and their families with all kinds of challenges. They have programs and supports to help with Life Skills, Marital Stress, Family Stress and much more.

  4. What life at Keeyask is like — A lot of families want to see more about what your life at Keeyask is like. You can review the videos: your room and camp life in this series, or see other pictures and videos at
  5. Coming and Going — Sometimes going home for a week can be the toughest part of working at Keeyask.
    For some families, the problems and work piles up for three weeks, leaving you catching up during your days off. Try to talk with your family about sharing responsibilities, so this doesn’t happen.

    For some, the day they arrive home and the day they leave to come back to work are both hard. It’s important to know that those times of change, coming back into the house, and leaving again, can be hard on everyone. Everyone (including you) has to get used to you being there again, and everyone has to get used to the change when you leave.

Leaving Work for Emergencies

You can leave your work at Keeyask, in case of a death in the family, a family illness and other personal emergencies. Leave time policies are different depending on which company you work for.

In case of a family crisis, you would need to discuss how much leave time you have with your supervisor.

Sometimes it’s difficult for my family to keep track of when I’m going to be at Keeyask and when I’ll be home. When I’m away, I try to make sure they have all the information they need.

Tip: Print off the contact sheet from this module’s brochure, fill it out, and stick it to your fridge.

Sometimes, I go days without talking to my family. It’s easy to use work and being tired as an excuse not to call but they miss me as much as I miss them.

Tip: Talk with your family often and let them know how you’re doing and ask them how they are doing.